We offer hot dogs and sausages with a variety of toppings so that you can satisfy your craving for a New York Style Dog, Chicago Style Dog, Chili Cheese Dog or whatever you'd like.. Choose Your Destination with the help of our great variety of toppings!

Our food is cooked on the grill or in water baths on the traditional cart depending on the item, event and location.


What makes Big City Dogs a great choice for your event is that our food is easy to carry around, it's satisfying in portion size and flavor, and because you can pick your toppings, each hot dog becomes a unique flavor experience!                 Our Toppings are ALWAYS free!


​Our Menu:

Here are the Items available priced individually. We do sometimes offer Combo Options depending on the Event.


Select Your Own Toppings for Unique Explosions of Flavor!

Regular Dog (Beef)

Just the right portion for a quick bite.


Jumbo Dog (Beef)

Double the size of our Regular Beef Dog - Super Juicy


Nathan's Footlong Dog (Beef)

If you're hungry, this one is the Hot Dog for you! It's big!


Polish Sausage (Pork)

Pork Sausage similar to Kielbasa in flavor. Try it in its traditional style with some sauerkraut and spicy mustard, or add some grilled onions for additional depth.


Italian Sausage (Pork)

Pork sausage cooked on the Grill with spices that set it's taste apart from other pork sausages. It's really great for Breakfast! Traditionally served with grilled onions and pepers. But add whatever you'd like from our toppings selection.



Pork Sausage Cooked on the Grill - so good - can't really go wrong with this one... It's good on its own, or with grilled onions, or shredded cheese, or BBQ sauce... you name it!


Brat Patties/ Veggie Patties/ Fish Patties ON REQUEST

Sometimes we add Patties to our menu - They're cooked on the Grill and served on a round bun and of course all our toppings are still free!



We try to keep a variety in stock so be sure to take a look!


Sodas (12oz Cans)

We try to stock a variety beyond the usual, so take a look!


Monsters / Red Bull / Gatorade / Water

We offer regular and sugar free Monsters and Red Bulls and try to keep a variety on hand of Gatorades

$3.00 / $2.00 / $2.00 / $2.00

Lemonade / Starwberry Lemonade / Hot Chocolate / Coffee / Spiced Cider

Our customers love our Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade! In the cooler months we offer warm drinks too! [Depending on the event]

$2.00 / $2.00 / $2.00 / $2.00 / $3.00

Popcorn and Treats

When requested, we offer Popcorn made on site and Candies, Chocolates, Donuts etc...

$1.00 per Bag of Popcorn / $2.00 per candy/treat or $5.00 for 3 candy/treat items

Ice Cream & Sauces

Depending on the Event, we offer Ice Cream served in a cup with your choice of Sauces on Offer


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