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Each League Member has their own calendar of events. If you'd like to know where an individual truck/vendor will be you're welcome to check out their personal websites or facebook pages and follow them.


On their individual League Member page you will find links to their personal websites.

Round Up!


Once in a while the League gather to have a Food Truck Round Up in Clarksville. It's a real blast!

At each Round Up the trucks offer a Specialty Menu Item that makes it a really special experience for the foodies who come out and have a good time trying our food.


Keep an eye on the Calendar for the date of the next Round Up. We look forward to seeing you there!

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What to consider when asking a Food Truck/ Vendor for specific items on their Menu.

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We always appreciate our kind hosts spreading the word of mouth to others about hiring us.

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Although we're an Association & League - we are still individual enterprises.

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