Who doesn't love a slice of well made pizza wherever you are?! This pizza is made fresh on location and tastes great! The crust is not too thick, not too thin, the pizza sauce is the perfect combination of tang and sweet and the cheese... The Cheese!! Just enough cheese to give you that pull of melted cheese when you take a bite! 


There's a heart-warming story behind the name of the Food Truck, so be sure to ask Rob about it when you book him for your event!


Our Slices are Big and Taste Great!

Pizza made fresh on Location.

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Rob Wagner
FB. @lettersfromhomepizza
  • Facebook: Letters From Home Pizza

Menu with Prices Furnished upon Request / Event

Cheese Slice

Pepperoni OR Sausage Slice

Cheese Bread

Sausage & Pepperoni Slice

Meatball Sub

Chips with Nacho Cheese - Add Jalapenos

Bottle Soda / PowerAde / Bottle Water

Chocolate Chip Cookie

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